"I just wanted to say that i love playing lunastix ... i've had them for about three years now and they're as good as ever."
- M.B. in Arizona
"I own a pair of your Luna Stix, and bought several more for younger cousins, nephews, and friends. They are such great gifts. I don't see many juggling sticks out there like yours. I think all children should have a pair, instead of electronics.”
- D.W.
"I live in oslo, norway, and i really like your devilsticks."
- J.A.
"I love my Lunastix and have purchased over -- worth of Lunastix and related accessories for my school and most of my students love them as well. I think Lunastix are probably the best flower stick on the market, I would recommend them to anyone, and have."
- F.C. in California
"Stix sell best for us in the summer and fall but are strong through out the year. The key to selling stix is to play with them in the store. Lunastix are a great stress reliever."
- Mark S., Wisconsin
"I got my Lunastix in the mail yesterday and I can't contain my excitement. These are the best juggling sticks that I have ever seen or used."
- J.J. in Muncie, IN
"I love these things!"
- J.O. in Maryland
"The juggler from Kazakhstan writes to you. I in the summer, being on festival of jugglers in the the USA. I want to note high quality of [your] sticks."
- a Devil Stick specialist in Russia
"My 10 year old son bought LunaStix a week ago and loves them."
- parent in South Carolina
"I Love Your Stix!!!! I am so addicted to these things, which is a good thing."
- R.V. in Massachusetts
"...I have been amazed by the interest that the Lunastix have created amongst my friends and family..." 

- D.B. from the U.K.
"Love the Stix!

- P.C.
“Just wanted to say thankyou for making my life much less boring! :)"

- J.S. in Connecticut
"HI! I really love your lunastix!!! You make a superbly crafted product. They're good for relaxation, coordination, and FUN!!! GOOD TIMES!!! Thanx and don't stop!!" 
- Jade in Parañaque City, Philippines

“Hello, Thank you for making an excellent product. ... the weight, balance, and feel are unlike any others i have found."

- SPC M.M. Tikrit, Iraq
"Just wanted to say thankyou! You guys do a wonderful job. Lunastix are an art form. I love the stix."
- Nick C., Florida